Fog is our passion!
Professional haze and fog generators for various applications.

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A successful team since 1997

Everything under one roof

A good cooperation of the components Development, Production, Sales and Service is important to satisfy the rising demands of the market. Due to our close and direct partnership with our manufacturer OTTEC Technology GmbH all components are united in one building.

Look Solutions GmbH & Co. KG actively participate in the development and manufacturing of the products and continue to communicate important feedback from the customers.

Ideas from customers can influence the development of products directly.

These enable us to react quickly to the new demands of the market and to develop new machines which meet the high expectations of the users.
  • Nebelmaschine Cobra 3.1
  • Nebelmaschine Boa 64
  • Nebelmaschine Unique 2.1
  • Nebelmaschine OctaJet
  • Nebelmaschine Tiny S
  • Nebelmaschine Tiny FX
  • Nebelmaschine Tiny CX
  • Nebelmaschine Power-Tiny
  • Nebelmaschine Cryo-Fog
  • Nebelmaschine Cryo-Gate Complete
  • Nebelmaschine Viper S
  • Nebelmaschine Viper NT
  • Nebelmaschine Viper 2.6
  • Nebelmaschine Viper deLuxe
  • Nebelmaschine Orka
  • Nebelmaschine Orka deLuxe
  • Nebelmaschine Standard-Nebelfluide
  • Nebelmaschine Tiny-Fluid
  • Nebelmaschine Unique-Fluid
  • Nebelmaschine Jet-Fluid
  • Nebelmaschine Cryo-Fog-Fluid
  • Nebelmaschine Look Fan DMX
  • Nebelmaschine Look Fan S
  • Nebelmaschine XLR-Remote
  • Nebelmaschine Hängeset
  • Nebelmaschine Octajet-Hängeset
  • Nebelmaschine Funkfernbedienung XLR
  • Nebelmaschine Funkfernbedienung 3,5 mm
  • Nebelmaschine Funkfernbedienung 2,5 mm
  • Nebelmaschine Schlauchblende für Tiny S
  • Nebelmaschine Schlauchblende für Tiny FX
  • Nebelmaschine Schlauchblende für Tiny CX
  • Nebelmaschine Schlauchblende für Power-Tiny
  • Nebelmaschine Schlauchblende für Viper S
  • Nebelmaschine Schlauchblende für Viper nt/2.6
  • Nebelmaschine Y-Splitter für Tiny S, FX, CX
  • Nebelmaschine Umlenkeinsatz für Unique 2.1
  • Nebelmaschine DMXit
  • Nebelmaschine TIMEit
  • Nebelmaschine Flightcase für Power-Tiny
  • Nebelmaschine Flightcase für Viper NT, Viper 2.6
  • Nebelmaschine Flightcase für Unique 2.1
  • Nebelmaschine Flightcase für Cobra
  • Nebelmaschine Flightcase für Octajet
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Fog machines made in Germany

Our product-label "Look Solutions - Fog machines made in Germany" is on all our products as the machines are made exclusively for us: high quality products at good prices.

The increasing numbers of customers in Germany and abroad show us that our products are good and competitive: Look Solutions GmbH & Co. KG already is represented by 40 distributors worldwide and a subsidiary in the USA.

We offer good advise, a fast and problem-free service and high quality products.

Fields of use

More than just entertainment

Of course, our products are mainly used in event technology. We spread fog and haze on stages, TV and film studios all over the world. In addition, airflow testers and the fire departments for simulations, measurement procedures and test deployments benefit from our smoke machines.

Have you seen us?


Lady Gaga, Avator, Mission Impossible III

  • International blockbusters
  • TV productions
  • Live concerts und music festivals
  • Musical and theatre productions
  • Film studios and academies
  • Amusement park and special events
Way back forest set


Fog machines all over the world

With 40 distributors worldwide we could supply almost the entire globe with haze and fog. 30 of them are in Europe. Others in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Australia & Oceania

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